"Amaé" is an Asian way of thinking.

This philosophy prizes family values, respect for others and benevolent social relationships, and is a way of thinking that Amaé group companies share with their partners. It transcends hierarchical divisions and encourages mutual intergenerational assistance. Amaé’s directors believe that these values promote an atmosphere that helps the business to flourish. The effectiveness of the Amaé group companies’ products benefit not just the business itself but society as a whole, and our clients in particular.

Filiale AMAE : Air-Marine

AIR MARINE carries out aerial surveillance services using aircraft and drones. Its original core activity is oil and gas pipeline surveillance using aircraft. Its drone department provides high added value missions to the topography, inspection and thermography markets. Its aeronautical background ensures the high quality of the operations and products and it is certified ISO 9001. AIR MARINE also provides remote pilot training.

air marine
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Filiale AMAE : Adrones

ADRONES markets aerial systems. It is the distributor of the Falcon 8 from the German company Ascending Technologies. It aims to offer customers task specific solutions using sensors and software for photogrammetry and solar panels inspections.

Filiale AMAE : Aérodrones

AERODRONES specialises in designing airborne mission systems.

air marine
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Through its subsidiaries, Amaé draws together the requisite skills for developing the AIRMON concept of aerial surveillance.
AIRMON is Amaé group’s founding product.

AIRMON‘s mission is to offer a generic surveillance concept that provides aerial surveillance businesses with a mission system that is versatile, comprehensive, ergonomic, performant and economical.
This software and hardware suite provides AIRMON users with a major asset with which to conquer the aerial surveillance market.

Capitalistic and/or collaborative partnership is the development principle that guides AIRMON in pooling resources and skills.

AMAE structures its strategy to ensure that users and suppliers of aerial surveillance view it as an attractive partner.

With this in mind, AMAE is building a network of aerial partners. It intends to offer a national network of outlets to large accounts and operators, using approved providers, in order to reduce travel costs. It is looking to export its know-how and to create a franchise.

AMAE aspires to become a worldwide leader in mission systems and is seeking coherent partnerships in order to gain prominence in the market.

Air Marine, Aérodrones and Adrones provide Amaé with the means to achieve its goals:

Operational means :
Own aircraft, drones, sensors, mission systems, data communication relay ground vehicles, flying crews and ground teams, real estate infrastructures.
Maintenance Means :
Hardware maintenance technicians, software technicians, a support hotline, specific premises and tools for maintenance.
Development means :
Engineers/doctors specialised in data processing, imaging, geopositioning, and project management.
Commercial means :
Team with listening skills and technological backgrounds, supervised by managers who are fully experienced in meeting the demands of surveillance tasks.
Training means :
Trainers who are well acquainted with our products, and know how to talk about them and how to listen.

Each of these means is provided by one or other of the group’s companies. Each subsidiary remains independent in terms of its strategy outside the group and all of them work together to support and implement the AIRMON strategy common to the group.

AMAE group companies develop their products around AIRMON – a core product which offers an innovative aerial surveillance solution.
A line of products completes the AIRMON range.

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Mission Systems

Mission Aircraft

Specific industry solutions

Operator Training

Drone-based inspection service

Aircraft-based surveillance service

Systems maintenance

Relay and command vehicles

Mission Drones

Amaé’s development strategy rests on three complementary businesses:

Air Marine or Adrones describe the relevant need and draw up specifications which are discussed with Aerodrones engineers. Aerodrones develops the products on the basis of the specifications and maintains a constant dialogue with Air Marine or Adrones to ensure the product is as versatile and economical as possible. Air Marine tests the product under real operating conditions. Finally, Adrones markets the product, along with maintenance, business customisation, training and advisory services. Adrones listens to its customers, monitors sales and describes needs to Aérodrones.

Amaé’s directors share the same interests and arbitrate the development of new products, mindful of the common good.

The Amaé group companies are run by directors who are motivated by a common interest.

Far from being attracted by the short-term profits, Amaé group associates share a common ambition and prefer to reinvest financial surplus into the group’s people and projects.

The profits have never been distributed among the associates and are systematically reinvested in the business.